June 27, 2013


((beach = perfection))

I finally made it to the beach last weekend for the first time this summer. It was such a fun, relaxing time. Nothing beats laying out on the sand and riding the waves when you get too hot. It was the perfect getaway and it was much needed. I just wish weekends were longer than two days. Wouldn't everyone be much happier?! I can't wait to head back!

PS: Sunshine Stowaways is officially 1 year old!

Summertime is always the best of what might be. -Charles Bowden

((mai tai + pomegranate margarita))

((an adorable engagement card for my friend from Etsy))

((delicious blueberry pie cupcake))

((blue and purple ombre blooms))

((iced coffee and croissants are the epitome of starting the day off right))

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