February 17, 2014

beating the winter blues

I am done with winter and ready for spring and summer... as evidenced by this wish list. But since we do have another month of winter to go, we may as well look good in the blistering cold. Here is an outfit that will wipe away the winter blues and make it look like you are enjoying the freezing temperatures.

((Ultralight Puffer Jacket, White Buttondown, Black Luxe Sateen Straight Leg Jeans, Leather Bucket Bag, Knitted Beanie, Geometric Rhinestones Necklace, Nixon Watch, Aquamarine Talon Ring
Frye Booties))

I am loving the mix of navy blue and black in this outfit! That is a color combo that is not worn nearly enough.

Stay warm!

cake fudge + valentine's day

I went completely off the healthy eating wagon during Valentine's Day. I wanted to make an indulgent dessert for my boyfriend and that is where the birthday cake fudge came into play. When I saw it on Pinterest, it looked amazing and I knew that is what I had to whip up. It was incredibly easy to make, required no baking, and was decadent and sweet.

On a side note, this year we decided to make Valentine's Day dinner at home while sipping on some red wine. We whipped up some chicken, kale and spinach salad, cauliflower buffalo bites (also made during this meal), and homestyle biscuits. Nothing fancy, but it was perfect! Half-healthy, half-indulgent... but since it was a holiday it didn't matter! Healthy eating starts back up after Valentine's Day! Hope you all enjoyed your celebrations of love!

February 16, 2014

dreaming of warmer weather

Now that a sufficient amount of time has passed since the holidays, it is only appropriate to make a wish list. I am now craving summer clothes... shorts, dresses, sandals, swimsuits, anything that makes me think that spring is just around the corner!

1. Roxy Top
2. Mini Skort
3. Striped Poplin Organza Top
4. Lace V-Neck Cami Dress
5. Raw Hem Denim Cutoffs
6. Tarantula Sweatshirt
7. Ruffle Bikini Top
8. Reversible Bikini Bottom
9. Samudra Pouch
10. White Birkenstock Sandals

healthy chocolate cake

In an effort to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle (most of the time...!) as well as indulge my sweet tooth, my sister and I decided to make Tone It Up's chocolate cake. It was made with healthy ingredients and tasted as good as any sugar filled cake. I would highly recommend this cake for the chocolate lovers who want to keep things relatively healthy!

winter florida trip

Back in December, my family took a trip down to Florida to surprise my grandparents. It was a nice break to be in 80 degree weather in the middle of the winter. The palm trees were lit with lights and the Sunshine State was decked out for the holidays. It made me realize how much I want the summer heat to come back and how I wouldn't mind living at the beach all year long.


I'm back! It has been almost 2 months since I have posted around here. Yikes! The beginning of 2014 has been busy, but I really want to try to post more often on Sunshine Stowaways. Resolution or promise... whatever you want to call it, I'm trying to make it happen! Wishful thinking in 2014!

When I am not found over here, you can always check out my Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Here are a few photos of life over the last two months...