May 21, 2015

memorial day weekend

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I hope you all have an incredible long weekend and honor those that we are remembering this day.

Here's to making Summer 2015 the best summer yet and living it with balance!

the wonderful workout

In conjunction with eating healthier thanks to I Quit Sugar, I am trying to be more consistent with working out. I bought Kayla Itsine's Bikini Body Guide and am now on week 5 of the program. The guides are easy to follow and each circuit workout only lasts about 30 minutes. They are quick enough to squeeze into any busy day plus I get the added convenience of working out at home. If you haven't checked out Kayla's Instagram, you have to! The transformation photos she has posted were the reason I bought the guide.

Naturally, with my new workout regime comes the desire for new workout clothes.

1. Strut This Mesh High Neck Bra
2. Athleta Anorak
3. L'urv Palm Paradise Crop Bra
4. Without Walls Dri-Release Long Tee
5. Lululemon Inspire Crop Pants
6. Nike Free Sneakers
7. Primsport Bra
8. Under Armour Boho Headband
9. Athleta Mesh Energize Tank
10. Varley Compression Leggings

As you can tell, I tend to gravitate towards neutral colored workout clothes. I find them more flattering on myself. Regardless of the color, I can sense a more intense workout for myself if I was wearing some of these items. When you feel more confident, you can definitely kill a workout!

summer wardrobe refresh

This weekend is Memorial Day, which means that summer is essentially here. New season = new wardrobe. I love the causal style of summer, especially the bohemian, hippy vibe, and find it necessary to spice up the options I have in my closet. I have tried to keep from shopping too much lately, but the warm weather looks I am seeing are making me want to break out my wallet and sprint to the nearest store.

1. Zara Embroidered Top
2. Michael Stars Dress
3. Sabo Skirt Jaded Shorts
4. Bulan Cutwork Mesh Tank
5. Aritzia Marmontel Blouse
6. Aritzia Montrogue Shorts
7. Tracy Reese Horizontal Lines Blouse
8. Carlyn Mid Gladiator Sandals
9. Zara Metallic Cap Toe Espadrilles
10. Zara Low Backed Top

My favorite is the Zara Embroidered Top and the Aritzia Montrogue Shorts. Which is your favorite?!

currently loving

Currently, I am loving...

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1. This dress. I am so obsessed with it. It would be my go to dress for weddings, nice dinners, and basically any occasion I can think of.

2. Birkenstock's. I need a pair for summer. I haven't quite decided on the color yet, but I believe this is them.

3. This shark tooth ring from Bella Beach Jewels. The perfect summer accessory.

4. This Triangl bikini. I am so surprised how reasonably priced these swimsuits are. I have this one and love it.

5. The fact that summer is basically here and I feel the beach calling my name.

stowaways: grand cayman islands

Back in March, my family and I went on an amazing vacation to the Grand Cayman Islands. It was one of the best trips I have ever been on. The weather was perfect, the water warm, and the margaritas delicious. We swam with stingrays and sea turtles, went snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking, and floated around in the ocean. I don't think it gets much better than laying on the beach with a drink in hand staring out into the ocean.

I didn't take a ton of pictures on my camera, so I am trying to get some photos from my parent's camera to post. They have photos of the excursions as well as up close and personal photos of us holding stingrays. That was such a cool experience! March in DC is brutal and this trip was much needed!

stowaways: catch-up

Wow, hello there! It sure has been awhile. I cannot believe the last time I posted was in February. I was dreaming about vacation and warm weather and here we are a few days away from Memorial Day weekend... the unofficial start of summer!

Let's see, what has happened in the last 3+ months... I have started cooking so much more, which you have probably noticed if you follow me on Instagram. Before I used to order take-out and it became quite costly and pretty unhealthy. I joined the I Quit Sugar 8 Week Plan and while I didn't stick with it completely, I tried so many recipes and found a new love for cooking. Whenever I want to whip something up, I tend to turn to my 8 Week Plan book or search the IQS archive for a healthy recipe. Honestly, learning from I Quit Sugar has made me appreciate more and more what I put into my body and the effects it has on me. Check out my Instagram to see my attempts at cooking. Have you tried any of the recipes? What looks the most tasty?!

My precious pup, Reagan, turned 2 (see her 1st birthday post here) on April Fool's Day. I made her a carrot, peanut butter cake, which she devoured. It honestly smelled so good that I almost wanted to dive in! She is truly a gem.

I went to many DC sporting events and toured wine country Virginia. I had never been to a winery and the experience was incredible.

The weather is now warm and I could not be more excited. I love summer clothes and hanging poolside or at the beach. I have so many grand ideas for this summer like going to the jazz concert in the park that they have in DC, going to outdoor country concerts, road tripping to the beach, and taking an extended weekend and traveling somewhere extra warm and sunny.

Here's to Summer 2015!

February 13, 2015

it isn't any less beautiful

I reblogged this on my Tumblr and I loved the sentiment. 
Be in love with yourself and everything else will come.
Happy Weekend!

summer dreaming

With spring and summer slowly, but surely approaching, I can't stop thinking about the warmer weather. That combined with the fact that I will be Caribbean bound in less than a month has me thinking of sprucing up my warm weather wardrobe. Here are a few key pieces I would love to bring with me to the beach and continue to wear throughout my favorite season.

I was going with a total casual vibe when I made this wish list. Summer to me means relaxing and being more carefree than usual!

12. BDG Flannel Button-Down (on sale!)

I think I will be ordering the mix and match bikini, the Birkenstocks, and flannel button-down right now! Comeeee onnnnn vacation!

currently loving

Currently, I am loving...

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1. This outfit. I can never resist an all-black ensemble. Plus I am in love with those boots.

2. This song by A Thousand Horses, Smoke. Perfect song for Valentine's Day serenades!

3. Even though I am currently on the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Plan, how amazing do these Pretzel Cookies with Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chips look?!

4. These Dogeared Karma rings. They would go with any outfit.

5. This Free People Bra for Valentine's Day celebrations... insanely sexy. It is only $18 at South Moon Under this weekend. Can't beat that price!


So it is still winter and I am just dreaming of summer...

((don't worry, this was way before the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Plan!))

weeks 2 & 3 - i quit sugar

So, I started the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Plan three weeks ago. There are only five weeks left, but I hear that week 4 is the most intense...! The hardest part for me is obviously the weekends. I can keep myself on a good schedule during the work week, but as soon as the weekends hit, all bets are off! I know that is something I definitely need to work on during the coming weeks. Another issue is that week 3 was basically non-existent for me. I did not get around to going to the grocery store before week 3 started, so I did not have the essential ingredients to make the meals. Instead, I made some week 1 and week 2 meals if I had leftover ingredients. I know that was not the point of the plan, but it was better than going back to old habits I thought. I am determined to make week 4 better and actually go shopping this weekend! 

Other than those issues, I am really enjoying the plan. I have stepped up my game in the kitchen and am finding fun, new recipes that I know I will continue to make even when the 8 weeks are up. Some of my favorite meals on the plan so far have been the Pumpkin, Sage, and Mozzarella Pizza, the Corn Fritters (I actually started making these all the time, I'm obsessed!), the Spiced Coco-Nutty Breakfast Muffins, the Curried Vegetable Empanadas (these actually looked gourmet haha!), and the Vegetarian Pad Thai. I am sad that I missed out on making the Coco-Nutty Granola and Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls in week 3. I need to find a way to add those into the coming weeks somehow. 

Check out some of the concoctions below!

You can check out my Week 1 thoughts here

January 30, 2015

currently loving

Currently, I am loving...

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1. This outfit. I am obsessed. I recently bought this dress in white from Free People in order to emulate this look with my leather jacket. I love the juxtaposition of sweet and sexy.

2. Speaking of Free People, how cute are these ankle booties?

3. Love love love this Bella Beach Jewels bracelet. So pretty!

4. This Haute Hippie blouse, which is on sale at Piperlime. What's better than a beautiful top on sale?!

5. This Elite Daily article about advice a dad would give to his one-day daughter.

i quit sugar - 8 week plan

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a lot of meal photos the past few days. After I bought the I Quit Sugar cookbook and made the almond butter bark, I was hooked on the concept of cutting sugar out of my diet. With summer slowly approaching and my eating habits during the holidays hitting rock bottom, I decided to sign up for the 8 Week Plan. For the next 8 weeks, I will be following the I Quit Sugar detox plan to become a healthier version of myself.

I am quite the novice cook so things started out a bit rocky, but I am now getting the hang of cooking and meal prepping. After an incident with cooking chicken, I decided to switch to the vegetarian plan.  I figured if I was going to try a vegetarian lifestyle, now would be the time since I would know that I am getting the essential nutrients. But yes, I know, who can't cook chicken... well... me! Other than that little snafu, I have actually enjoyed making these meals and seeing all of the goodness and nutrients that I am putting into my body. Below are some of the meals I have made so far on the plan.

I will be posting photos and updates throughout the 8 weeks on the blog, so stay tuned!

I recommend checking out some of the recipes on the I Quit Sugar website to spice things up in the kitchen, healthy style! Their blog also has some tips on healthy eating habits. There are definitely some interesting stories on their site!

January 9, 2015


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This is the plan for 2015! Have a fabulous weekend!

fitness looks

One of my New Year's resolutions is to lead a healthier life. In order to accomplish that, I need to step up my workout game. Nothing makes working out more enjoyable than if you are sporting a cute outfit while doing it. There are so many chic options out there, so below are some of my favorites...

1. Lululemon Speed Tight Leggings
2. Carbon38 Onzie Flow Tank
3. GapFit Pullover
4. Spiritual Gangster Muscle Tee
5. Under Armour Tote
6. Under Armour HeatGear Sports Bra
7. Lululemon Headband
8. Nike Flyknit Running Shoes
9. Athleta Stripes Bra
10. Carbon38 The Upside Palm Print Bra

Do you all have any favorite workouts or classes that you swear by? I would love to hear them!