February 17, 2014

cake fudge + valentine's day

I went completely off the healthy eating wagon during Valentine's Day. I wanted to make an indulgent dessert for my boyfriend and that is where the birthday cake fudge came into play. When I saw it on Pinterest, it looked amazing and I knew that is what I had to whip up. It was incredibly easy to make, required no baking, and was decadent and sweet.

On a side note, this year we decided to make Valentine's Day dinner at home while sipping on some red wine. We whipped up some chicken, kale and spinach salad, cauliflower buffalo bites (also made during this meal), and homestyle biscuits. Nothing fancy, but it was perfect! Half-healthy, half-indulgent... but since it was a holiday it didn't matter! Healthy eating starts back up after Valentine's Day! Hope you all enjoyed your celebrations of love!

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