June 27, 2013

fave five

Favorite Words

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Favorite Shopping

I love these faux leather shorts from Zara. They look super comfortable, yet stylish and dressy. I have a bunch of tops I would want to pair with these. Plus, these shorts are on sale so there is no reason that I can't snag these babies up! 

Favorite Entertainment

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I haven't seen a movie at the theatre in so long. I tend to enjoy movies on the couch in the comfort of my own home. However, there are a few movies out there that I would make the trek to the theatre to see. A few of those are White House Down (can't say no to Channing Tatum), The Heat (love Sandra and Melissa), This Is The End (a mindless comedy never hurt anyone), and Mud (a thinker is good for you).

Favorite Look

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This skirt is everything you would want in a summer skirt. The light, neutral color allows it to be paired with pretty much anything plus it is so different than most others. I love the asymmetrical top layer. It adds a dramatic, fancy edge to an otherwise casual piece. The skirt paired with the pastel jacket and the jewelry assortment is perfect.

Favorite Interior

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If you needed a piece to brighten up a room this chair would be it. It may not be the most comfortable chair, but it would be a statement piece no one would soon forget. I would definitely find a place for this chair in my home.

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