June 10, 2013

margarita on the rocks

Margaritas are my guilty pleasure in the summertime. I love them frozen and on the rocks. We recently tried a new concoction at my house and it was definitely a winner. The most important ingredient, I think, is the mix that you use. I don't like margaritas too sweet and I don't want to be drinking a day's worth of calories either. When looking for a mix to use, I start with the ingredient list and make sure I can pronounce everything and that there is no high fructose corn syrup on the list. The fewer and more natural the ingredients the better. We used Powell and Mahoney's margarita mix and it did the trick! PS: Tres Agave's organic margarita mix also uses natural ingredients and is amazing. You can't go wrong with either choice!

The Perfect Margarita (serves 1)

4 shots Margarita Mix
2 shots Patron tequila
1 shot Grand Marnier 

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, shake, salt the rim, pour over ice, enjoy the greatest margarita!

Note: This would be a pretty strong margarita, so you can alter the amount of shots as needed. Just make sure to keep the same ratio of ingredients. Multiply amount depending on how many people you are making the margarita for. 

Let me know if you try this concoction and your thoughts on it!

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