March 4, 2013

an uncomplicated life

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I am always looking for new quotes and inspirational sayings. They are perfect for when you need cheering up or a little guidance. While I was skimming through Pinterest, I came upon a list of 100 ways to uncomplicate your life from Live the Charmed Life. I think these are great and they really put things into perspective. When I am feeling overwhelmed or in need of a pick me up, I just read these and relax. You can read part 1 here and 100 more ways to uncomplicate your life here. Below are my favorite ones!

Kiss and make up.
Don't drink alcohol when you're tired, sad, or mad.
For just one day, imagine everyone's intentions are good because most people's are.
Know what your priorities are in life, and act as if they are your priorities.
If you're holding on to a ridiculous grudge, let it go.
Spend your time with nice people.
Forgive and forget. End of story.
Believe that everything will turn out just fine in the end, because it usually does.
Don't be sad in order to make someone else happy.
Don't be less than you are to make someone else more comfortable.
Fall madly, deeply, crazy in love, and don't hold anything back.
Don't let pride stand between you and something you want.
Let your silly side show more often.
Don't wait until it's too late to tell someone that you love them.
Laugh at yourself.
Before getting angry, ask yourself if it will really matter in 20 years.
Focus on being a good person, not on pleasing others.
Tell the truth.

I clearly have a lot of favorites!

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