March 14, 2013

fave five

Here is last week's fave five. Hope you enjoy and are inspired!

Favorite Words
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Favorite Shopping

This House of Harlow skull and pearl cuff bracelet is edgy and very cool. I have been on a skull kick these days and love all jewelry with skulls on it. Don't ask me why! This skull makes the cuff quite hard core, but the pearl adds a little chic charm. This is the perfect combination and an essential piece to add to my collection.

Favorite Entertainment

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This favorite in entertainment is my new fave actress Jennifer Lawrence. She seems like she is just so much fun and she is clearly insanely talented. I have only seen her in Hunger Games and Like Crazy, but cannot wait to see Silver Linings Playbook and everything else she is in! Her interviews are so funny as well. YouTube them! She is definitely my new girl crush!

Favorite Look

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This coat. Need I say more? I love that this coat dresses up the simplest of outfits. The pattern, color, and textures on this jacket are so fun and would work in any season. The tortoise shell sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch. Does anyone know where I could find a similar coat?!

Favorite Interior

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The idea of adding a small rug of some sort underneath the kitchen table is simple, yet has a definite impact. This rug, especially, is so cute! The colors are neutral and the gold is a fun accent. My new mission is to find a similar rug for under our kitchen table since it would match any decor we choose.

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