March 27, 2013

is it saturday yet?

I am sure by now that a lot of you have heard of Kate Spade's new Saturday line. As they state it, this line puts "...our own spin on casual, we're channeling the carefree spirit of the weekend and bringing it to every day of the week with smart silhouettes, honest fabrics, and a sense of spontaneity." After looking through the website, they nailed it! Everything in this line is just plain fun. The colors are bright and the classic Kate Spade style is there. I put together my current favorites from this line below.

1. Six Pocket Tee @ $50
2. Tall Glasses @ $30 for 4 glasses
4. Foldover Bag @ $180
5. iPhone Case @ $25
6. Two-For-One Ring @ $15
7. Wanderer Sunnies @ $60

Have you all made any purchases yet or have any favorites?

One of my favorite aspects of the new line is that you can create your own weekender bag. Saturday offers a lot of weekender bags, but being able to create your own is so much fun. This is the one I created... such a cool concept!

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