March 4, 2013

fave five

Favorite Words
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Favorite Shopping

This Rebecca Minkoff zip tank is so perfect for spring. The color just screams warm weather and sunshine and don't get me started on the zipper front. I have not seen anything like this zippered shirt before and I certainly don't own anything like it. I would like this top transported into my closet as soon as possible (preferably without the price tag!). 

Favorite Entertainment

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I love the pairing of Zoe and Wade on Hart of Dixie. I think they are just the sweetest, so to say I was very upset after last week's episode is an understatement. I am hoping that the events of last week were just a bad dream (I don't believe Wade could do that!) and this super attractive, adorable couple will be back together in no time. Zoe + Wade = Forever! 

Favorite Look

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When looking for ways to spice up my work wardrobe, I obviously turn to Pinterest. When I saw this outfit, I immediately wanted to wear something similar. I love this outfit because it is so simple and most people can find a way to emulate this in their own wardrobe. The way she adds the gold jewelry really takes this outfit to the next level. It is an easy way to dress up a simple work outfit.

Favorite Interior

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Finding the right bar stools for our kitchen pass through has been quite a formidable task. We want barstools that are comfortable, yet stylish and can mix with whatever color scheme we choose for the main area of the apartment. These lucite bar stools may be it! I love the gold detailing mixed with the lucite. The bar stools still look like they are comfortable, which is key. I'm thinking something similar to these may be just the ticket!

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