August 28, 2012

wish list- home decor

As my sister and I get prepared to move out (in 6 months or so... oh well!), I have been coming across so many things that I would love in our new apartment. I need to start keeping track of my wish list items, so I can be sure to snag them when the time comes to actually move out. I will be using sunshine stowaways to keep track of it all. Here are a few things that would definitely spice up any home and are on the top of my wish list!

1. Rippled Dream Bowl from Anthropologie @ $14
2. Feel More Better "Don't Hate on My Happy"Mug from South Moon Under @ $12.50
3. Celebratory Tumbler from Anthropologie @ $8/each
4. Swirled Symmetry Dinnerware from Anthropologie @ $10-$18
5. Zigzag Rug from Urban Outfitters @ $44-$199
6. Stella Floor Lamp from Urban Outfitters @ $79-$129

Disclaimer: This is my first time using Adobe Photoshop, so I am still getting used to it and learning the in's and out's.

1 comment:

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