September 5, 2012

hello fall, hello boots

I have written a lot about my love for boots and how I am so excited to get to wear them again. I don't discriminate against the styles, I love them all... booties, high heels, tall, short, and everything in between! As soon as the temperature is cool enough I will be pulling out my tried and true favorites from deep within my closet. There are, however, so many amazing new styles out there that I can't wait to get my hands on. Below are seven boots that I want in my closet as soon as possible!

1. Donna Snap Short Boots from The Frye Company @ $388
2. Steve Madden 'Vippper' Bootie from Nordstrom @ $149.95 $99.90
3. Abigail Suede Boots from Shoe Mint @ $79.98
4. Seychelles 'Prime Suspect' Stone Leather Wedge Booties from South Moon Under @ $139.95
5. Heather Leather Boots from Shoe Mint @ $119.97
6. Ugg Australia 'Ambrogia' Boot from Nordstrom @ $224.95
7. Pink & Pepper Blanket Print Booties from South Moon Under @ $89.95

To see larger and more detailed photos of the boots, click the above links. Let me know if you end up buying any of these!

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