November 22, 2012

giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope you all have a terrific day with family and friends filled with lots of love, laughter, drinks, and turkey! Here is a list of the top things that I am thankful for this year...

1. My incredibly loving and fun family 
2. Being able to celebrate this holiday with my parents, sisters, and grandparents
3. My beautiful friends
4. My family's health and happiness
5. My adorable pups
6. Having a job that allows me the ability to do all sorts of fun things
7. Being able to celebrate my birthday in a few days with out of town friends and family
8. The delicious feast we are about to consume
9. The service men and women who allow us our freedom to celebrate these holidays with the ones we love
10. Having Sunshine Stowaways as a place to put all of my inspiration, photos, and the things that make me happy... and hoping you all get inspired and happy reading it as well!

What are you all thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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