May 26, 2013

fave five

Catching up on an old fave five post for the week of May 5th!

Favorite Words

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Favorite Shopping

I have always wanted thin stackable rings like this set from Stella and Dot. You get five rings for only $39... what a deal! You can wear these stacked with all five on the same finger, wear them on different fingers, or only wear one. The possibilities are endless! It is cool that they come in both a gold and silver color so you can mix and match with other jewelry you own. These rings are going on my wish list stat! PS: This weekend (Memorial Day weekend), you get free shipping on orders over $100 at Stella and Dot!

Favorite Entertainment

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Now that most shows are over for the season, there are very few choices for TV viewing. One show that is still on the air is MTV's Awkward. I'm not one to usually watch MTV shows, but this one is very cute and showcases the awkwardness of the high school years. I may be a little old to watch this, but it does not stop me! If anyone is in the market for a show to watch this summer, this one may be it!

Favorite Look

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This ensemble is so casual, but still looks very pulled together. It is the perfect outfit for running errands or hanging with friends in the afternoon. She looks endlessly cool with her Converse sneakers and black cotton dress. I just bought a pair of Converse's, so I may need to emulate this outfit in the very near future complete with sunglasses and a topknot. 

Favorite Interior

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I am not exactly in the market for a headboard or bed frame as my little apartment bedroom does not quite accommodate one. If I was in the market for one, however, I would want a bed frame that looked exactly like this one. The white brightens up the room and the tufted look is gorgeous. You could mix and match any color or patterned bedding and it would still work with this bed frame.

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