May 23, 2013

fave five

As I said in the last stowaways post, things have been busy around here so I do apologize for my lack of posting. I am trying to catch up on some old fave five posts (slowly but surely!), so without further ado here is the fave five post for the week of April 28th.

Favorite Words

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Favorite Shopping

How amazing is this off-the-shoulder blouse from Shopbop? It is so unique with the added sleeves on what would look like a strapless top. The color and chiffon fabric are perfect for this time of year. I love the fact that it can be dressed down with cutoffs like in the above photo, but it would also look perfect with leather pants or a short skirt. I even think I would shell out the $141 for this top!

Favorite Entertainment

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The networks have decided which shows will stay on the air and which shows have been relegated to the past. One of my favorite shows that did not make the cut this year was Happy Endings. The show was so funny that I laughed throughout each and every episode. I am hearing some rumors that the USA network may pick it up and I hope the rumors are true. This show deserves some more air time!

Favorite Look

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Lacy skirt? Check. Lightweight sweater? Check. The perfect warm weather outfit? Check. I love how the casual sweater dresses down the fancy lace skirt. This ensemble would be great to wear to brunch with friends, a coffee date, or a fun shopping trip. I need to pick up something like this stat!

Favorite Interior

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This room looks so cozy I cannot stand it! Cuddling up in this bed with the stark white sheets in the woodsy atmosphere sounds like a great weekend getaway. The decor is minimalist, but it doesn't look boring since the structure of the building is so intricate. Even though I do not have these kind of walls or ceiling, I can still take tips from this room.

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