April 7, 2013

fave five

A fave five post finally going up on the right day!

Favorite Words

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Favorite Shopping

A classic white button-down is a necessity in any girl's closet. This Bisected Studio Buttondown from Anthropologie is very neat because you can keep the sleeves rolled up or pulled down and the back is so cool. I love the slit in the back since it is unexpected. Running to the store now...!

Favorite Entertainment

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Nick and Jess from New Girl finally went out on a "date" this past episode. The will they - won't they thing these two have going on is so entertaining to watch. I am a big fan of Nick and Jess taking the plunge!

Favorite Look

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This is the perfect outfit to wear to coffee on a Saturday morning, don't you think?! I love how casual it is, yet it still feels very put together. The cut-offs paired with the tee and long cardigan work so well and the bag adds a little edge to the look. 

Favorite Interior

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This pinboard is fun because it is an inspiration board mixed with photos of family and friends. The photos can be constantly changed out, so you always have something new and interesting to look at. I am thinking of getting a chicer pinboard for my room that isn't your standard classroom bulletin board. Perhaps this one will work!

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