April 27, 2013

fave five

Sorry for all of the silence around sunshine stowaways lately! I have been so busy with the move, but I am slowly but surely trying to catch up on all of the posts. Here is the fave five post for three weeks ago! Hope you enjoy and get ready for a barrage of posts coming your way!

Favorite Words

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This quote is too funny, plus I love the leather look! 

Favorite Shopping

I have never actually been into a Zara store before and have only been able to shop there online. I did just find out that there is a Zara close to where I recently moved. One of my first missions is to finally go into the store. I think that this bright blue crossover blouse is going to be my first purchase. The color is so great for the warmer temperatures and I love the front pocket and texture. I basically need this top like right now!

Favorite Entertainment

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The Office is coming to an end in a few weeks... sad! This show is consistently funny (no matter what the critics say) and I am sure going to miss it. Jim and Pam are still my favorite couple and the other characters are so interesting and witty. I hope this show ends with everyone perfectly happy and I know I will be shedding some tears.

Favorite Look

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This outfit is very modern chic. The "jacket" of sorts is amazing. It looks perfect to wear into the office and is quite fashionable to wear to meet friends for drinks afterwards. It is such a statement piece and dresses up any standard outfit. The outerwear mixed with the sunglasses and amazing shoes makes for an ensemble no one would soon forget... so seriously how do I find one of these?!

Favorite Interior

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So this is technically not an interior, but it is something you would put in an interior so it counts! When shopping for throw pillows, I realized just how expensive these little things are. I had to scour multiple stores to get a pillow that was reasonably priced. This pillow cover is so witty and fantastic that I would definitely splurge! Although the cost is for the cover only and you have to buy your own pillow insert, this is just too good to pass up!

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