April 27, 2013

fave five

Favorite Words

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Favorite Shopping

This bright green J. Crew floral top is perfect for summer. I love the emerald color and silk texture. There is a cute cutout on the back as well, which adds a little more drama to the blouse. Plus, everything at J. Crew is 25% off right now with the code SPRINGBEST. I can never pass up a good deal! 

Favorite Entertainment

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I heard about the new Sundance Channel original series titled Rectify and I knew it would be a captivating show. It is about a man who is recently released from prison after being on death row for 20 years. This show is heartbreaking, intense, and I cannot wait to see the next episode. It is part of a 6-episode series, but I am hoping it gets picked up for another season. The pace is pretty slow, but it is so realistic and I would recommend it to anyone.

Favorite Look

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There is something about this outfit that is so badass. I love the asymmetrical hemline on this skirt as well as the varying fabrics and textures. Pair the skirt with a casual tee and a chambray button-up and the look becomes so unique and edgy.

Favorite Interior

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If I had enough space in my apartment to have a coffee bar, I would do it in a heartbeat. This setup is too cute and I especially love the hanging coffee cups. Having everything in one place would make getting your daily dose of caffeine so much easier, especially when you feel like a walking zombie waking up at the crack of dawn. This idea is genius!

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