April 2, 2013

fave five

Favorite Words

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Favorite Shopping

The colors on this Theory necklace from Bauble Bar scream spring. This necklace is very unique and I certainly don't own anything like it. I can picture myself wearing this with a plain white tee and jean shorts. The classic summer look!

Favorite Entertainment

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I know I already chose Game of Thrones as a favorite in entertainment before, but there was nothing bigger than the Season 3 premiere on Sunday. The episode did not disappoint and I cannot wait for the next one. Who do you want to see on the iron throne? My favorites are Robb Stark (swoon...!) and Daenerys Targaryen!

Favorite Look

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I am really into casual tees mixed into a fancier outfit right now. This skull tee is so fun and I love it mixed with the leather skirt. This outfit works for day and night, which is key to a girl on a budget! 

Favorite Interior

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What a classic bar area! We are looking to have our own little bar area in the new apartment and have been looking for ideas all over Pinterest. This table has a minimalist vibe and the liquor and liquids on top all blend well together, which makes it look well put together and somewhat fancy. This is a classy bar area, very grown-up! 

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