February 27, 2013

fave five

Favorite Words

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Favorite Shopping

This is the perfect dress for summer. I want to scoop this Urban Outfitter's watercolor shift dress up right now in order to get it in time for my trip. This could be dressed down for a more casual outfit or dressed up with jewelry and heels for a night out on the town. I think this dress is quite versatile with it's watercolors and relaxed fit. I hope this becomes part of my collection sooner rather than later.

Favorite Entertainment

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With the Oscar's this past Sunday I wanted to rent a Best Picture contender for a relaxing Saturday night. Luckily, Argo just came out On Demand this past week. I rented it and absolutely loved it. It was my pick for Best Picture and I was actually correct on one of my guesses! Ben Affleck's acceptance speech was my favorite as well.

Favorite Look

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I don't know why I love this outfit, but I do! The denim vest is the perfect touch. I am glad that denim vests are making a comeback because I have been trying to rock them for a while now, but got quite a few comments about it (not good ones either!). The denim vest she is wearing looks very fashion forward and not the typical jean vest. The high boots and leopard jacket polish off this look in the best possible way!

Favorite Interior

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When deciding on our color scheme for the main room in our new apartment, I was pushing for black and white with pops of color. A more neutral color palette was what I thought I wanted until I saw this photo. The bright colors and patterns of this living room make me so happy and I would never want to leave. I am now thinking that a bright and fun main room may be the way to go.

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