February 3, 2013

fave five

This is a new weekly segment titled Fave Five. This post will share a photo of my favorite quote (#1) that week. It will also have a photo of what I love in shopping (#2). This image will be something that I would like to buy from clothes to jewelry to shoes to home goods to accessories. The next image will be what I am loving in entertainment (#3). This image could be something I am loving in the movies or TV shows or even a great outfit a celebrity wore. Another image will be a favorite fashion look (#4). This image could be an outfit I saw on Pinterest or a look another blogger wore that I loved. Lastly, this post will have an image of my favorite interior (#5). Fave Five will showcase what I am loving for the week!

Fave Five: words, shopping, entertainment, look, interior
Now onto the inaugural Fave Five post!

Favorite Words
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Favorite Shopping

I am loving this Maeve Fit and Flare Dress from Free People. It is the perfect spring dress and the high-low hem is so stylish. The coloring is also great for when the weather warms up.

Favorite Entertainment

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Fox's new show The Following starring Kevin Bacon is everything you could ask for in a TV show. It has mystery, suspense, and romance. The only good part about Monday's is that The Following is on! Your mind is constantly racing while watching this and there is just so much to figure out. This is a show I highly recommend. It has only aired two episodes, so catching up is easy. I may have to sleep with one eye open after watching, but it is worth it! I must warn you though, this show is very gruesome and somewhat disturbing at times. It is not for the squeamish! You have been warned!

Favorite Look

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I usually do not wear wide leg pants, but these white pants are fabulous. This outfit would be great to wear to work, but can also transition to a night out seamlessly since it is so fashion forward. I just need to find where I can get the pants and the top. Does anyone know?!

Favorite Interior

((image via))

Now that I have finally signed a lease on an apartment, I love looking through images of interiors to get some ideas for my new home. This bedside table is great and I especially like the framed photo leaned up against the wall. I definitely want to try to emulate this style in my bedroom.

Hope you guys enjoy Fave Five each week!

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