October 6, 2012

beach wear

((Gracia blouse via South Moon Under, H&M sweater, DKNY shorts, Madewell necklace, Nixon watch, Emi-Jay hair-tie, Silpada Modern Maze ring, Tiffany & Co. mesh ring, Steve Madden wedges))

One would assume that shorts are always a viable option at the beach. That is why when I was at the beach last weekend, I decided that I would get as much use out of my shorts as possible before it gets too cold. Turns out, it already is too cold and especially so at the beach! Who knew?! These shorts are so comfortable and stylish that I do not regret wearing them even if I was shivering all throughout dinner!

PS: Ignore the unruly "beach" hair. And by "beach" I mean stringy and wet...!

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