July 24, 2012


The old week in photos... is now the new stowaways. As in the week in photos... series, this is the same series except it will be expanded on a bit. Stowaways will include the activities I was up to that week, but will also include things that inspired or excited me as well as made me happy or smile. It will be a better version of the series and renamed to be more in tune with the blog. This will be the place where all of those great photos are stored... stowaways!

This past week my grandparents visited, which is always a fun time. Their stories are always enjoyable to listen to and they are a pleasure to be around. Along with their visit, I finally went downtown this past weekend to meet up with some friends. I am now looking forward to next weekend where I will get to see some family at my cousin's wedding.

Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love. -Unknown

((cute frog salt and pepper shakers))

((making some pina coladas))

((evening outdoor fire))

((sangria weekends))

((dress I bought for next weekend's wedding- stay tuned for outfit posts from the wedding!))

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