July 14, 2012

outfit post- white dress

((Victoria's Secret dress, Merona sweater, N.Y.L.A heels, Nixon watch, Tiffany & Co. mesh ring, Silver-colored Forever 21 bangle, South Moon Under multi-colored bangles))

Before going out to a beach bar a few weekends ago, we tried to take some snapshots prior to heading out for the night. (I hope to get better backgrounds in future outfit photos...) The white dress felt very comfortable for a night by the ocean since it was casual enough with just a few details dressing it up. The black heels made the dress more appropriate for the evening (I really would have worn anything for a chance to wear these heels though!). The outfit was perfect for a fun night out by the beach!

Disclaimer: The outfit posts need a lot of work including an upgraded background and more detailed shots. Stay tuned for more outfit posts with much higher quality and interesting photos. I do apologize!

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