March 7, 2014

the mints

As you all may already know, I have been a huge fan of the Shoe Mint and Style Mint members-only shopping websites for a long time. The sites are curated by fashion insiders and celebrities and come out with new collections every month. I literally have to hold back from buying the entire site on the first of each month!

These sites are so great because the price point is very reasonable. You won't be breaking the bank, but you will still be purchasing high quality, fashionable, and chic pieces. You are charged a "credit" each month to use to purchase a new item. You can, however, decide to "skip" a month by the 5th and you won't be charged. There really is no downside to becoming a member of this exclusive site. Plus, they always have sales and it is free shipping and returns. How can you not love it?!

Below are a few of my favorite Shoe Mint and Style Mint pieces.

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