June 26, 2012

wish list- style mint

Ever since Style Mint debuted last year, I have been insanely obsessed. Style Mint is a members-only website that allows it's members to buy shirts, skirts, sweaters, etc. designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Each month new styles come out and the obsession starts anew, which is good for my wardrobe, but less so for my bank account. I have more pieces than I can count from this site as they are so affordable (most shirts are only $29.99) and extremely comfortable. I cannot wait until the first of every month when a new selection is featured on the site! This site does staple pieces perfectly (and I surely have benefitted from that), but it is their more colorful and patterned pieces that I need in my wardrobe right now. Below are the pieces that I currently want in my closet as soon as possible!

Maxwell T -- I love the sheer panels and the standard white makes it a versatile shirt that can go with something already in your closet. That, of course, makes it easy to transition from day to night. I would wear this with a pair of cutoff jean shorts with flat sandals during the day and black skinny jeans with heels at night.

Rosa Shorts --  I have been looking for a cute, but unique casual summer short and I believe these chambray shorts are it. I would pair these with a plain tucked-in tee (there are so many options on the Style Mint site) and dress it up a bit with a statement necklace or some bangles.

Gypsy Kimono -- I don't have anything like this in my closet, but I definitely want to make the purchase. At first glance the shirt can look a bit matronly (at first glance only though!), but I want to wear this shirt unbuttoned as a top layer to dress up a casual outfit or as a sweater for a plain dress. Oh the possibilities!

Tristen Skirt -- I definitely do not have enough skirts in my closet and this one is the perfect summer skirt that can be worn causally or pulled together for a more sophisticated look depending on the shirt and shoes that are paired with it. This would look great with flats or wedges.

If you need any help becoming a Style Mint member, please leave a comment and I will be happy to assist you. The only thing to remember is that if you do not choose to "skip" between the 1st and the 5th of each month, you will be charged 1 credit ($29.99) to be used on any purchase in the future. 

*all photos from Style Mint and all above pieces are $29.99

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