September 7, 2013


((view from the ferry ride))

Happy September! It is crazy that August is over and done with and that the weather is starting to feel like fall. I ended up going to the beach for the long Labor Day weekend, which was so much fun. I am glad I decided on the beach since that may be the last time I will be able to go this year. We went to the same place we did last year for Labor Day. Days were spent on the beach and hanging in the waves, while nights were spent gorging on delicious food and sipping margaritas. Now it is time to embrace the fall with all things pumpkin, football, and fashion! I am still going to enjoy the last few weeks of official summer days though!

I have found that if you love life, life will love you back. -Arthur Rubinstein

((relaxing on the dock with my Vogue))

((another friend's engagement called for a cute card))

((pirate ship))

((smiling pup))

((view from the dock))

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