August 26, 2013


((beach relaxation))

I am enjoying the new version of one big stowaways post every few weeks instead of once a week. There are so many more interesting photos to choose from this way! I cannot believe that the summer is almost over and this weekend is already Labor Day. I just got back from a two-day beach trip, which was so fun and relaxing. Only so many more of those can happen before it gets too cold (sadddd...). The puppy is still so great! I think she is brilliant and perfect, but I am a little biased. Do you all have any Labor Day plans? I'm still deciding whether to go to the beach or hang out poolside for the long weekend. I have to make the most out of the unofficial end of summer! Hope you all have a joyful and relaxing long weekend ahead!

A life without love is like a year without summer. -Swedish Proverb

((intricate ceiling design))

((the family dogs))

((loving this old Madewell cardigan))

((delicious breakfast sandwich + iced coffee))

((watching the planes fly in at the park))

((poolside reading))

((beach bum))

((cannoli cake))

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