August 17, 2014

concert in atlantic city

When we heard the likes of Smashmouth, Uncle Kracker, Blues Traveler, and Sugar Ray were putting on a concert in Atlantic City, we knew we had to be there. We grew up listening to the stylings of these bands and knew their concert would be a show to see. We were not wrong! The quartet of bands put on an amazing performance in AC complete with all of the 90's classics.

We spent the day walking the boardwalk and pier and the night singing and dancing. Throw in a little blackjack, drinks poolside, and some tasty eats and we had ourselves a wonderful two-day excursion. Atlantic City sure is something else and it provided the backdrop to a perfect weekend getaway.

Below are some pictures I snapped with my iPhone during the trip. The ones at the concert are a little blurry, but I thought they were still worth posting.

Have you all been to any throwback concerts recently? There is something about a concert in the summer that I find hard to pass up!

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