December 14, 2013

winter weather

Lately, the temperature hasn't reached above the mid-thirties around here and the snow blows through every other day. It is a miracle if I dress with enough layers to stay warm, but not look like the Michelin man. Problem solved... here is the perfect outfit for the winter weather while still keeping it stylish! All of these items just became high on my Christmas wish list!

((Zara Sweater, Hue Microsuede Leggings, Echo Wool Beanie, Urban Outfitters Fingerless Gloves, Movado Watch, Double-V Knuckle Ring, Double Band Ring, Bones Cuff Bracelet, L.L. Bean Boots))

I am loving the zippers on the sides of the sweater and the zipper on the boots. And that Movado watch... I would splurge on that beauty as a Christmas gift to myself!

Stay warm and bundled up!

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